Day of Mourning

(in memory of Russell Means, d. 22 October 2012)

I mourn for America,
    a beautiful land,
dying a slow, choking death
    in the chains of the toxic West

I mourn for the Indians,
    the original people,
robbed of their birthright
    by diseased, psychotic settlers

I mourn for them, too,
    the not-so-originals
with minds of mediated fallacy
    that say to hell with the rest

I mourn for all those
    blinded by greed
grabbing and clutching
    for what they’re told they need

I mourn for the victims,
    families and communities
destroyed by endless wars
    for resources and a profit


I mourn for our world,
    our beautiful blue-green mother,
as she suffers the insufferable
and dies because of us
    – her own damned seed.

(written on 24 November 2012)

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