Who is Rand Gould?

portrait of rand3

My name is Rand and I’ve been in prison for nearly 18 years, serving a s

entence of 25 to 50 years, for an alleged assault and kidnapping in 1998. A long story…

This is not to say that I’m not an outlaw. I am and have remained outside the law ever since I first started thinking for myself in my early teens, if not earlier. At 62 years of age, I’ve a long history of resistance to domestication and the state. This resistance led to my being assaulted by school teachers, chased, assaulted and, sometimes, arrested by the police, locked-up in a juvenile “home,” and, ultimately, imprisoned for many years of my life.

As a youth in the late ’60s, I initially  opposed authority unconsciously, but, over time, I subscribed to several different philosophies of resistance or revolution. I say”philosophies” because, contrary to the opinion of many so-called Leftists and most Marxists, revolution is not a science. I’ve spent a good part of my life seeking a solution to the current horrific conditions on this planet. Conditions obvious to all those who have pierced the veil of spectacle that blinds so many.

I slowly developed my revolutionary consciousness, through my participation with various revolutionary groups, by direct experience through revolutionary practice. I went from an admirer of the Black Panther Party, associated myself with the White Panther Party, to an avowed Marxist-Leninist-Maoist working and organizing on the factory floors of Detroit. I was both a member of the Boilermakers International and the UAW.

Eventually, I came to realize the workers, Marx’s much-vaunted proletariat, in the case of the United States, were satisfied with the status quo — their relatively high standard of living, provided for by the capitalists’ theft of Third World resources — Lenin’s “labor aristocracy.” Around the same time, I also realized working in factories was a waste of my life, so why do it? Since I, like most workers, hated work. I’d only done it for the revolution in the first place.

And what kind of revolution would it have been? I hated work as much as I hated being told what to do. However, the more involved I became with Marxist parties, the more I was being told what to do, what line to adhere to, etc. It all boiled down to out with the old boss, in with the new boss. “Dictatorship of the proletariat,” my ass!

By 1977 I quit working at Chrsyler, quit all parties, and became, for all intents and purposes, a full-time outlaw. One who, putatively, subscribed to anarchy. At night, I spent most of my time in the newly developing punk clubs in Detroit, selling and using drugs. During the day, I could be found in a park or on a beach somewhere.

However, unlike Marxism, I had not botherered to read much anarchist writing.

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Formerly an avid reader of Fifth Estate in the ’60s and early ’70s, I was no longer reading it when the anarchist Eat the Rich Gang took over the paper. Thus I missed my chance to read anarchist writing, mainly Fredy Perlman, who I eventually found myself in whole-hearted agreement with, and still do to this day.

I finally had my come-to-anarchist-theory moment while in prison, when I was serving time for cocaine possession in the early ’90s and reading Fifth EstateLove and RageProfane Existence, etc. All of which I continued to subscribe to and read when I was released. After my 1998 incarceration, I came across a copy of Green Anarchy, which confirmed my thinking and linked everything together for me. I’m sad to this day over the demise of that paper.

In sum, my journey to find a valid philosophy of revolution and a solution to the current horror show led me to first view capitalism as the problem, then the state, and finally, to view civilization as the problem.

Consequently, today, I’m at war with the totality, which I refer to as the technium run by the Scum In Charge of the Kleptocracy (SICK) and their collaborators, the SICKophants. Yeah, who doesn’t love a good acronym? I’m fighting, using a pen at the moment (the MDOC smashed my typewriter), for our, humanity’s, return to the continuum — a life lived in accordance with our millions of years of genetic evolution — and not the aberration of the past 10,000 years known as civilization! We are human, after all, a term that comes from the combination of the Latin humus“earth” with manus “hand.” A human is literally the hands of the earth. Matter made conscious to care for the planetfrom whence it came. As such, we must return to our birthright and rid the planet of its current SICKness by any means necessary!

5 June 2016