Author: randgould

Bend the Bars 2019: Seven Strategies to Reduce the Numbers and Suffering of Michigan Prisoners

I’m presenting you with seven strategies which, if effectively and aggressively carried out, are well within reach in Michigan, based on the rapidly evolving situation which has engendered the collapse of its school systems and roads, brought about in part by the massive expenditure of $2 billion a year on its state prison system, give or take a few millions.

The Good Time Bill Myth: Good Time Credits, Proposal B, Disciplinary Credits, and Truth-In-Sentencing in Michigan Prisons

            Ever since Michigan prisoners finally figured out that Truth-In-Sentencing (TIS) was not so truthful and, in reality, was enacted as “disciplinary time” which meant those sentenced for crimes committed after December 15, 1998 would serve their entire minimum before becoming eligible for a shot at parole, rumors have circulated among them that a new

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Your Right Not to Be a Slave: The 13th Amendment and Michigan’s Criminal Statutes

“[M]easures devised and executed with a view to ally and diminish the anti-slavery agitation, have only served to increase, intensify, and embolden that agitation.” -Frederick Douglass             Back in April 2010, I wrote the article, “Your Right Not to Work in Michigan’s Prisons” where I pointed out state criminal statutes did not include a sentence

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