Author: randgould

Hiawatha Temporary Facility (HTF): Status as of August 2015

In approximately 1990-91, HTF was opened as a “Temporary” prison, as part of the Michigan Department of Corrections’ (MDOC) vast prison building program, precipitated when its existing capacity was overwhelmed by an irrational “tough-on-crime” policy. The MDOC received a building code exemption so it would not have to install a fire suppressions system, i.e., sprinklers,

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A Journey to Death’s Door: The Last Step for Lifers in Michigan’s Prisons

On Oct. 13th, I was taken for a long ride, with two corrections officers (C/Os) and another prisoner, to the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Duane Waters Hospital (Waters) in Jackson to have laser tomography (a sort of layered photo) of my eyes to see how far my macular degeneration has advanced. This road-trip, my

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