Grievance Documents

Here you can find numerous grievance documents related to the censorship of Rand’s mail. These usually include the documents of the full grievance process until it is exhausted (and almost always denied). You can download all of these documents as PDFs.

MDOC mail room policy directives in the MDOC and relevant Michigan statutes related to censorship:

History of Mailroom Policy Directives
Relevant Michigan Statutes

Rand’s Notice of Intent to File a Claim:

download “Notice of Intent to File a Claim_6.8.17”
download “Acceptance of Notice of Intent”

Other grievance documents:

Grievance Packages

(Some of the below files are large PDFs with multiple different grievance/ grievance decisions. Individual grievance processes are not separated out.)

download Summer 2017 Grievance Packet
download Fall 2017 Grievance Packet
download October 2018 Destruction of Property Misconduct Report
download Fall 2018 Modified Access Documents
download September 2018 Grievances
download August 2018 Mail Rejections
download Summer 2018 Grievance Packet
download Summer 2018 Grievance Packet #2
download Requests for Grievance Forms, Fall 2018
download Fall 2018 Grievance Packet