Ongoing Legal Battles

In 2020-2021 Rand has been challenging the potentially illegal denials of his parole by the Michigan Parole Board. The following documents were submitted as part of a Write of Mandamus to the 29th Circuit Court in Ithaca, MI on January 29, 2021.

Letter to Clerk

Proof of Service


Notice of Hearing

Waive Fees and Costs and Indigency Affidavit

Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Rand also has engaged in a fight with Oakland county to challenge his sentencing and other aspects of his case. Below are some of the documents he has drafted as part of this battle.

Motion to Vacate Conviction and Set Aside Judgement for Lack of Jurisdiction (October 23, 2019) (PDF)

Motion for Reconsideration of Application for Leave to Appeal (January 12, 2020) (PDF)

Motion to Show Cause Why Sixth Judicial Circuit Court Judges Cheryl A. Matthews and Shalina Kumar Should Not Be Held in Contempt (December 2, 2019) (PDF)

Gould Letter to Judicial Assistant Lombardo (September 16, 2019) (PDF)

Motion to Compel Production of Court Documents Required to Pursue Appeals (November 14, 2019) (PDF)

Gould Letter to Kumar (August 21, 2019) (PDF)

Motion for Reconsideration of Delayed Application for Leave to Appeal (June 25, 2019) (PDF)

Motion to Disqualify Prosecutor (November 14, 2018) (PDF)

Motion to Correct Judgement of Sentence (November 14, 2018) (PDF)

Rand also sent out this template of a letter that his supporters could send to the parole board when the time comes.

Sample letter of support to parole board (PDF)