Rand’s Writing

Below is a list of many of Rand’s written pieces over the past few years

Also included is a short summary of the piece and a hyperlink to download a PDF copy.

Gov. Whitmer Hosts COVID-19 Super-Spreader Event in Michigan Prison: Prisons as Viral Incubators in Michigan Communities

In November, 2020, the MDOC caused a massive outbreak of COVID-19 at Central Michigan C.F., where Rand was locked up. This article describes the outbreak, the many mistakes made by the MDOC and the guards, and a car caravan of outside supporters that was organized to draw attention to the outbreak.

Download a PDF of “Gov. Whitmer Hosts COVID-19 Super-Spreader Event in Michigan Prison”

Request for Declaratory Rulings-Mailed to Director Washington October 26, 2020

Download a PDF of “Request for Declaratory Rulings October 26, 2020

The Master’s Greatest Fear: Unity and Community Equals Real Change

Written in the summer of 2020 during the early stages of the George Floyd uprising, Rand argues against the “divide-and-conquer” strategy being employed by the ruling class to quell the rebellions. Instead he argues for unity across racial lines as a basis for bringing the cops to justice.
Download a PDF of “The Master’s Greatest Fear”

MDOC Runs Death Camps

This article, written on May 21, 2020, provides a detailed account of the multiple failures of the MDOC and how during the COVID-19 pandemic these failures have turned the already-deadly prison system into a system of death camps. It ends with a call for the legislature and the governor to grant 90-day time cuts and repeal the Truth-In-Sentencing act.
Download a PDF of “MDOC Runs Death Camps”

Rand Letter to Dr. George Pramstaller MDOC Chief Medical Officer

Rand Letter to Dr. George Pramstaller MDOC Chief Medical Officer Re: Overcrowding and Increased Viral and Bacterial Infection Rates at SPR, June 11, 2010
Download a PDF of “Rand Letter to Dr. George Pramstaller June 11, 2010”

Lack of Social Distancing Causes COVID-19 Explosion in Michigan’s Aging and Overcrowded Prisons

This is Rand and Kenneth Smith’s open letter to Gretchen Whitmer laying out the two options she has to allow social distancing during the corona crisis: either let people out immediately (shrinking the cost of the prison system) or open up previously closed facilities (expanding the cost of the prison system).
Download a PDF of “Lack of Social Distancing Causes COVID-19 Explosion in Michigan’s Aging and Overcrowded Prisons”

Three Book Reviews

Rand reviews three books published by Microcosm:
Firebrands: Portraits from the Americas
Edible Secrets: A Food Tour of Classified U.S. History
Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records
Download a PDF of “Three Book Reviews”

Motion to Vacate Conviction and Set Aside Judgement for Lack of Jurisdiction, 10/28/19

Rand argues that his conviction should be vacated because
1) he was arraigned two weeks before the court’s examination return was filed
2) he was brought to trial and convicted while his interlocutory appeal was filed and pending
3) all state courts in Michigan were deprived of jurisdiction entirely when the state boundaries were omitted from the Michigan Constitution of 1963.
Download a PDF of “Motion to Vacate Conviction and Set Aside Judgement for Lack of Jurisdiction”

The Weaponization of Suboxone Strips: An Evolving Situation and Tactics in the “Perpetual Battle” for Control in America’s Prisons

Rand outlines the effects of sublingual Suboxone strips on prisoners and prison organizing, argueing that the smuggling of Suboxone into prisons has tacit approval from MDOC officials because it helps to keep prisoners subdued. This piece was also prepared for presentation at the Bend the Bars conference that was held in Lansing in August 2019.
Click here to download a PDF of “The Weaponization of Suboxone Strips”

Bend the Bars 2019: Seven Strategies to Reduce the Numbers and Suffering of Michigan Prisoners

Rand wrote this piece to present at Bend the Bars 2019, a conference about the prisoner movement and prison abolition. He outlines seven prospects for abolitionist reforms in the state of Michigan.
Click here to download a PDF of “Seven Strategies to Reduce the Numbers and Suffering of Michigan Prisoners”

Open Letter to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

In this letter addressed to current Michigan governor Whitmer, Rand thanks her for her work releasing some medically frail prisoners. He follows up by giving some advice on how to get more prisoners out, via extending the coverage of that bill as well as repealing disciplinary time and leaving disciplinary credits intact.
Click here to download a PDF of “Open Letter to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer”

The Good Time Bill Myth: Good Time Credits, Disciplinary Credits, Proposal B, and Truth-In-Sentencing in Michigan Prisons

This article, written in May 2019, describes the current situation surrounding two pending bills for good time reforms in the state of Michigan. Rand argues that HB 5666 and SB 1143 are doomed to fail and that the legislature should instead pass a bill that simply repeals TIS, or disciplinary time, as enacted back in 1998.
Click here to download a PDF of “The Good Time Bill Myth”

Back Through the Looking Glass: The Death of Brian Rodriguez and the Fake “Flu Quarantine” at Gus Harrison Correctional Facility

This article, from March 2019, details the death of Brian Rodriguez at Harrison CF when medical staff wouldn’t treat his heart attack. Rand also writes about the fake flu quarantine that they imposed in the wake of this case of medical neglect.
Click here to download a PDF of “Back Through the Looking Glass”

Inside Michigan Prisons: Overview and Analysis of Structure and Conditions

This article is a based on a speech that Rand delivered to a meeting of prison rights activists and prison abolitionists in Lansing, MI. It is a description of living conditions in Michigan prisons, the corruption rampant in the MDOC, and current bills in the state legislature that would increase possibilities for people getting out of prison.
Download a PDF of “Inside Michigan Prisons”

Your Right Not to Be a Slave: The 13th Amendment and Michigan’s Criminal Statutes

This article is a detailed analysis of Michigan’s criminal statutes and how it relates to prisoners being forced to work.
Download a PDF of “Your Right to Not Be a Slave”

Fake Flu Quarantine Equals Real Lockdown in Michigan Prisons

This article from February 2018 is a first-hand account of the fake MDOC quarantine operation amid a flu epidemic in the prisons in the U.P.
Download a PDF of “Fake Flu Quarantine”

Know Your Enemy: The New COINTELPRO and the Slippery Slope of Identity Politics

This article written in late 2017 discusses cross-racial alliances, federal counterinsurgency measures, and the need for a mass unified revolutionary movement.
Download a PDF of “Know Your Enemy”

New Mail Policy in Michigan Prisons

This article from November 2017 describes the motivation of the new mailroom restrictions and argues that the repressive move pays off big for the owners of JPay
Download a PDF of “New Mail Policy in Michigan Prisons”

The “Howl” Of Justice

This article traces the origins and connotations of the word “justice” and criticizes the U.S. justice system for its practices.
Download a PDF of “The Howl of Justice”

A Brief Outline of Unlawful Mail Censorship in Michigan Prisons

This article, from June 2017, describes the problems of censorship in Michigan prisoners and the ways that the mail room workers abuse their power.
Download a PDF of “A Brief Outline of Unlawful Mail Censorship in Michigan Prisons”

Michigan Prisoners Rise Up!

This article from October 2016 details the abusive and inhabitable conditions of Michigan prisons that led the the Kinross Rebellion on September 10th, 2016. It was published in various outlets including the San Francisco Bay View.
Download a PDF of “Michigan Prisoners Rise Up!”

The Lesser Threat: The White Panther Party, Illegal FBI Wiretaps, and FISA

This article describes the revolutionary politics of the White Panther Party and the state violence directed against the organization. It was published in the San Francisco Bay View.
Download a PDF of “The Lesser Threat”

Letter to the Editor: Taxpayer Dollars Wasted Closing and Reopening Prisons

A letter to the editor from August 2015 about the MDOC budget and the ludicrous cost to Michigan taxpayers. Also references the black mould at Hiawatha Temporary Facility.
Download a PDF of “Taxpayer Dollars Wasted”

Hiawatha Temporary Facility (HTF): Status as of August 2015

A 7-point criticism of the MDOC’s decision to transfer prisoners to the black mold-infested facility.
Download a PDF of “Hiawatha Temporary Facility”

A Journey to Death’s Door: The last Stop for Lifers in Michigan’s Prisons

This article describes the conditions at the Duane Waters Hospital in Jackson, Michigan.
Download a PDF of “A Journey to Death’s Door”

Day of Mourning

This is a poem written in 2012 which describes the horror history of America and the destruction that industrial humanity has wrought upon ourselves and upon the earth.
Download a PDF of “Day of Mourning”

We’re All Inside the Fences: The Reproduction of Prison Inside Our Heads

This article is an analysis of the life-long process of domestication that people are forced through. It ends by describing the tendency of people to reproduce prisons inside their own heads.
Download a PDF of “We’re All Inside the Fences”

We Are Here to Dance Together

This article discusses the relationship between civilization, religion, and sexuality. It argues against the sexual taboos that create the violent behaviors prevalent in our society.
Download a PDF of “We Are Here to Dance Together”

Why the Capitalist State Wants You To Think America’s Prisoner Warehousing System is an Industrial Complex When It’s Not

In this article Rand argues against the use of the term “prison industrial complex” because it distracts from the true function of the prison system: warehousing the underclass.
Download a PDF of “Prisoner Warehousing System”

Legal Defense of Alleged ALF and ELF members

Download a PDF of “Tactics for the legal defense of alleged ALF ELF members”